Did you pass Grade 1 at school?? 

If the answer is ‘yes’, then you can install your own irrigation system because the installation of an irrigation system is like playing with blocks if you follow a few simple, easy steps.

Step 1

The first step involves downloading and printing the attached Scaled Drawing graph and draw a 1:100 or 1:200 scaled drawing of the area you wish to irrigate. 

This should include all lawns and gardens including any trees or plants within the lawn area.  The house, driveway and associated paths should be shown as shaded areas without any detail. The scaled drawing should include the location of the water metre and any taps, plus the preferred location of the controller, which will require a 240- volt power point and should be protected from the weather.

Once you have completed your scaled drawing you need to fax/email/post/call in with your scaled drawing to our Store - visit our Contact Us page for details.

Step 2

The second step involves Austec Irrigation drawing an irrigation system over your scaled drawing, which we will do *free of charge. Part of this service may involve visiting the site to ensure we understand specific details of the drawing to ensure the irrigation design is suitable and therefore designed correctly to meet your requirements.

*This free of charge service applies to all domestic irrigation systems (up to 1000m2) in the Darwin and Palmerston regions.  To qualify for this service you will need to bring your scaled drawing in to our Store.  If you are located outside these regions a design fee may apply - please  Contact Us for further details.  Clients should allow 3 working days (Mon - Fri) for this service.

Step 3

The third step involves the installation of the system itself and is relatively easy if you follow a few simple steps outlined by our staff. We have all the components on display in our Store and are happy to demonstrate them to you.

If required, Austec Irrigation can once again, visit the site and mark out and explain in further detail how the system should be installed. 

I trust that we can be of assistance to you and therefore look forward to working with you in the design and installation of your irrigation system!